School Board

The Good Shepherd School Board is a policy making body advisory to the school administration and Parish Pastor. The board is a standing body, governed by its own constitution and bylaws, ultimately accountable to the school administration and Pastor. The GSCS school policies adhere to the general guidelines formulated by the Diocese of Orlando Office for Schools.

The board’s function and responsibilities include:

  • Develop and define policies that govern the operation of the educational programs at GSCS.
  • Promote and monitor the implementation of the school policies.
  • Be responsible for all educational activities of the school.
  • Establish and recommend policies for the operation of the school’s educational programs.
  • Assist in the development of long range plans for the school’s educational programs.
  • Create, evaluate and approve the school’s budget.

Note: New policies or changes to existing policies are communicated to the school families throughout the school year.

Gloria Del Orbe, Principal

Fr. Jim Henault, m.s., Pastor

Christina Minier

Michael Striby

Debbie Ahearn, Assistant Principal

Chris Bell, President

Glen Vaz

Aida Diaz, Grievance

Edward Hamann

Steve Smith

This Could Be You

New Membership

The GSCS School Board, consisting of 12-18 persons, discerns new members each spring. Board members must be members of a Parish and/or parents/guardians of students of the school.

Interested parties must contact the School Board President by April of each year to express their desire to become a part of the Board. It is recommended that interested parties attend at least one Board meeting and discuss the expectations and ideals necessary for membership with the Board President or another board member.

Discernment of nominees presented by the board President is done at the late spring monthly meeting. Re-appointments to the Board occur each May since Board membership terms are one year, July 1 through June 30.