GSCS Scholarships: Kremer Scholarship Father Sonny Scholarship Good Shepherd Outreach Scholarship Good Shepherd Foundation.

Scholarship funds are limited and available for those students who have been enrolled at least one year and whose families have a defined need.

FACTS Tuition Aid: In order to receive any of the following four scholarships, an application must be submitted online at Application and all required documents must be completed by Friday April 28, 2017

State Funded Scholarships

The School Readiness program (4C) offers qualified parents financial assistance for child care through a variety of services. Childcare services include extended-day, extended-year, and school age care to support parents in becoming financially self-sufficient.  Website:

Step Up for Students– Please visit  for eligibility guidelines and application.

McKay Scholarship – Please visit for eligibility requirements and application.

The full cost of educating a student varies each year. GSCS includes a multitude of services that support a child’s education beyond regular academic instruction and assessment  including but not limited to classroom interventions, Speech and Language Services, one-on-one services, After School Learning Lab, Sensory or handwriting groups within the classroom, Study Skills, classroom literacy intervention, etc., which are not charged to families separately or on an hourly basis.

When GSCS agrees to accept students on McKay Scholarships the monies are allocated by the school administration to the staffing and services provided during regular instruction, to support the needs of the child as directed by the Service Plan. Therefore, the scholarship monies are not available for non-academic items or services such as registration, school supplies, uniforms, etc.

Upon entrance and screening for attendance at GSCS, the school reserves the right deny enrollment due to an inability to provide the services listed on the Educational Plan.

VPK Program

Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten (VPK) – The VPK program is FREE for eligible children; regardless of family income. This state-funded program is voluntary for children and providers. Please visit their website for more information:


AAA Scholarship Foundation

AAA Scholarship Foundation administers the State of Florida Tax Credit Scholarship (FTC) for low income students and the Gardiner Scholarship, formerly the Personal Learning Scholarship Account (PLSA) for children with certain disabilities.  We are one of only two organizations who are approved by the state to administer these scholarships – the other being Step Up For Students.

Although both AAA Scholarship Foundation and Step Up For Students administer the same State of Florida scholarship programs, each is funded by different corporations’ tax dollars so there may be money available from our foundation when scholarship money runs out or an application deadline passes for Step Up, which was the situation this year for the 2015-16 scholarships. Step Up stopped taking applications on May 15 – we just stopped accepting them on June 15. We also had funds left over earlier this year for the 2014-15 school year and were able to provide retroactive scholarships to a number of students who had missed out on the Step Up scholarship prior to the start of school.

Here is a link to the Department of Education website that lists AAA along with Step Up as the only two Scholarship Funding Organizations (SFO’s) in Florida – .

There is no additional credentialing required for your school to accept our scholarships because you have already been approved by the State of Florida to participate in their low-income scholarship program.  The only thing your school needs to do to participate in our programs is complete a School Commitment Form, provide us with a copy of your published tuition schedule and send that information to us.  After that we’ll just send you a Student Verification Form four times a year asking if the student is still enrolled and in good standing, how many days of school did he/she miss and are the parents in arears of money owed to the school.  Return that form and about ten days later a check will be cut payable to the parent and the school.

Here is a link to our website – . If you click on the school button, then choose Florida you can view or print out the handbook for Parents and Schools. School related matters start on about page 7.

If you have any questions about either program, please call 813-803-5635 or our toll free number 888-707-2465 and speak with Ana Maciel at extension 725 regarding the FTC’s or Yolanda Calderon at extension 714 regarding the Gardiner scholarships. Both Ana and Yolanda are bi-lingual.