Required Involvement Hours

Good Shepherd requires every family to complete 30 volunteer hours each school year. There are two ways to track your hours. First, when you volunteer on campus, you need to come to the school front office and log into the School Check-In system as a volunteer. By checking in and out as a volunteer, we will log your volunteer hours. We run reports at least two times a year and will put the report in one of the Volunteer Hours books.

Second, you can log your non-campus volunteer hours in the Volunteer Hours books by family (usually alphabetized by your oldest child’s last name). Once you have found your family sheet in the binder, enter the date, activity and number of hours performed. Please try to enter the hours within a few weeks of performing them. We will total the hours at least two times a year, usually before re-enrollment in January* and again at the end of the school year.

There are 2 additional ways to assist your family in completing the required 30 volunteer hours.

  1. Families now have the opportunity to donate $10 in lieu of each volunteer hour. For example, if you find yourself short 5 hours, you can write the Good Shepherd Home and School Association a check for $50 to satisfy those hours.
  2. You can donate items to the annual silent auction held during Trivia Night. For example, if you get a restaurant to donate a $50 gift card for the auction, you would satisfy 5 of your volunteer hours.

In the front of each volunteer binder, you will find sheets that you need to complete and attach to the donation or silent auction item. Turn these into Reba Fritz in the front office. These donations will be updated on your volunteer hours sheets accordingly.


*Good Shepherd Catholic School reserves the right to withhold re-enrollment if volunteer hours are not performed.



  • Points for Progress is the program that monitors hours provided by Good Shepherd families to Good Shepherd Catholic School.  All families at GSCS are expected to participate in the PFP program regardless of their tuition status. The PFP Program is designed to enhance the educational experience of Good Shepherd Catholic School by providing support in various areas of school service, maintaining accountability of the program and rewarding families for their participation.