Points for Progress

A great way to enhance your child’s school experience is to get involved as a volunteer, whether it is working in the classroom, coaching students after school, or participating on a committee.

Good Shepherd requires every family to complete 30 volunteer hours.  We will no longer be using the Points for Progress computer system.  We are anticipating a new volunteer tracking program to be available through Edline next year, so for the 2015-2016 school year, we will be going “old school” by using binders.

Because all families have to check in at the front office, we will have volunteer hours binders in the front office.  The following steps should be taken:

1. Complete your volunteer activity.
2. Find your family name in the binder.
3. Enter date, activity and hours on the spreadsheet.

The volunteer coordinator will add up your hours periodically to report to Administration and the School Board.

New For This Year!

We have 2 additional ways to satisfy your volunteer hour requirement.
  • 1 – Families now have the opportunity to donate $10 in lieu of each volunteer hour. For example, if you find yourself short 5 hours, you can write the Good Shepherd Home and School Association a check for $50 to satisfy those hours.*
  • 2 – You can donate items to the annual silent auction held during Trivia Night. For example, if you get a restaurant to donate a $50 gift card for the auction, you would satisfy 5 of your hours.*

* In the volunteer binder, you will find sheets that you need to complete and attach to the donation or silent auction item. The coordinator will update the records accordingly.


Good Shepherd Catholic School reserves the right to withhold registration renewal if volunteer hours are not completed.

Need help? rfritz@goodshepherd.org