MAC Program Curriculum

As a parent of a prospective student, you have the option of submitting a request for your child to be considered for placement in our Multi-Age Continuous Progress Program (MAC).  The MAC program combines the talents of children from three age groups in an environment of continuous learning which extends beyond the kindergarten year.  Good Shepherd Catholic School has three MAC classes, one of which combines students traditionally placed in Kindergarten and 1st grades.  The chart below briefly identifies some of the differences between a traditional class and the MAC program.
Regular Graded /
Traditional Program
Multi-Age Continuous
Progress Program
Students of the same grade in
classes together.
Students of several ages are in classes together.
Student has a different teacher
each year.
Student remains with the same team of teachers over several years and is provided the opportunity for continuous progress in learning as well as in teacher/student relations.
Student has different classmates each year. Student stays with the same group of students.
Changes occur as older students exit the class and younger students join the class.
Cooperative learning takes place among same age peers. Cooperative learning takes place between older and
younger students on a continuous basis.
Thematic teaching uses themes that are appropriate to that grade level. Thematic teaching uses theme cycles over a period
of several years.
Student works on his or
her level.
Student is given time to develop and learn over several
years at an individual rate of progress.


A balanced, whole language approach to reading, integrated thematic instruction, hands-on math instruction, and individualized instruction will continue to be utilized in the elementary school program, regardless of class type.   If after hearing about the program, you would like your child considered for placement in the MAC class, you will be given an opportunity to sign up for additional information.  Openings in the MAC class are limited.  It is our desire to provide the best possible educational program for your child.  We look forward to the opportunity of sharing information about the Multi-Age Continuous Progress Program with you.