Diocese of Orlando Clearance

Volunteer & Employee Clearance Information

UPDATED 11/18/2019

The Diocese of Orlando is required by the United States Catholic Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) to follow certain guidelines with regard to Safe Environment Training. As are all other archdioceses and dioceses, we are required to undergo regular audits by the USCCB to be sure that we are in compliance with those regulations.

All church personnel and volunteers working with children and vulnerable populations must complete Safe Environment Training in addition to a background/fingerprint clearance. In an effort to ensure the safety of those persons under the care of the Diocese, all Church Personnel and volunteers, ages 15 and older, will be required to submit a completed Criminal Background Check Form as well as a complete set of fingerprints so as to facilitate a criminal background investigation. Below are the steps required to complete this process.


Please follow the Step 1 instructions below to complete the Safe Environment Training (SET) and then use Step 2 instructions to guide you through the background check/fingerprint scan part of the process. Once both steps are completed, you will receive a clearance approval letter from the Diocese of Orlando allowing you to volunteer (or work) within the Diocese of Orlando, including Good Shepherd Catholic School.


The first step is to complete the Safe Environment Training (SET) which involves watching the online video and passing the online 20 question quiz. Go onto the Internet and type into an up-to-date browser (such as Google Chrome) the following link: https://www.orlandodiocese.org/. Click on the Safe Environment Certification box. Then review the instructions. If you don’t have an email address, obtain one from a free email service such as Gmail or Yahoo. You cannot share an email address with another person who has registered for the training. Once you have registered or logged in you can begin the online training.

To register, create your own username and password, being sure to write it down since you may need this if you ever need to “log in” another time to access the training later on. Be sure to enter GOOD SHEPHERD SCHOOL in ‘Parish, School or Diocesan Entity’ box. After registering, watch the 20-minute video “Protecting Our Youth” and then complete the on-line quiz, which consists of 13 questions. Pass/fail results are sent directly to the Diocese of Orlando Human Resources Office, which records the data. You will be able to print or save your SET certificate. Please keep a copy of this certificate for your records. It may be needed to complete the clearance process. EMPLOYEES: Please email or bring me a copy of your SET Certificate for your employee file.


The second step to obtain clearance is to register for fingerprinting so a background check can be initiated. To begin go onto the Internet and type in www.orlandodiocese.org. Scroll down the home page until you find the FEATURED section, then click on the Safe Environment Training Program box. This will take you to the main page of the Safe Environment Training Program.

Scroll down and click on the option FINGERPRINTING shown on the left side of the page. Then click on the link to register for fingerprinting,

NOTE: You will not need to open the document mentioned, as you will use one of the Fieldprint Codes shown below for Good Shepherd School. EMPLOYEES PLEASE NOTE: if you do not use the correct code, you will need to redo (and repay) under the correct code! Once you click on the link, have your Social Security Number, Government Issued ID, and payment information available during this process. The first page will ask for your reason to be fingerprinted. Click on the line: I know my Fieldprint Code. DO NOT select from the dropdown options.

Once you click on the line: I know my Fieldprint Code, the page will appear to enter the Fieldprint Code. Be sure to enter the correct Fieldprint Code from the list below, then press the continue button.

School Employee (paid personnel): FPGSSchoolEmp
School Volunteer (non-paid personnel): FPGSSchoolVol
School Vendor (independent contractor): FPGSSchoolVendor
Follow the directions on the Fieldprint website to continue your registration by entering the required demographic information and answering the required questions. You will then make a fingerprinting appointment at a location nearest you and enter your payment information. Fingerprinting costs are as follows: Volunteers: $44.00; Employees/Vendors: $51.25.

Finally, print your receipt and bring it with you to the appointment. Information about what to bring to the appointment is on this receipt, as well as your appointment/registration number, date, time and location. Keep a record of your appointment number until your clearance has been approved. Also please note that if you use the incorrect Fieldprint Code, the school may not receive the results and/or you may have to redo the process and RE-PAY using the correct Fieldprint Code.

Extra fee – there is a rescheduling/missed appointment fee of $12.50 that Fieldprint charges. When you register, you create a username and password in case you need to log back in to either reschedule the appointment or make any changes.

You MUST complete BOTH steps to receive approval to volunteer or work within the Diocese of Orlando. Approval takes an average of one month to complete. If you have not heard within that timeframe, please contact Holly Finke (via email hfinke@goodshepherd.org or the school phone: 407-277-3973 x111) so the status of your clearance can be checked with the diocese.

Thank you for helping to keep our children safe!


Click here for pdf version of these instruction with pictures of the screen shots.